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10 Reasons Choose Digital Marketing If You Have Small Or Medium Business ??

Recently I met my friend Ritesh ( Name chaged Due to Privacy ) , He is onwer of Group Institutes , he is providing Medical and paramedical courses . We do some chatting about the his business , then he explained me his problem. His problem is before admission season. he had to start advertise about his business in Local Print media and also to newschannels to Promote . Not only that he is circulating reflects and putting billboards in high traffic areas . He spend lakhs of rupees during the admission and hardly get queries about admission. He is so disappointed about this marketing method but still he is doing the same due to he didn’t know any other way to market his institute.

As he knows I am consulting many small and medium business in their marketing and sales , so he asked me ” How can I make better markerting with low budget and grow my business ?”

After listening his problem completely , I suggested him , “Why don’t you go for digital marketing ??”

he said , ” Oh ! Yes , I heard about it , But Don’t Know much about It ?”

Then I said , ” Don’t worry my friend , I will explain , why you choose digital marketing for your Business ?

10 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing In Your Business

1. Low Cost –

The main reason why digital marketing is recommened because because you can start your marketing campaign with very low cost in digital platform like Social medias and Google Ads. Becuase running ads in Print media or Television or other traditional method of advertisements like Billboards they are very expensive .

2. Target Right Set Of Audiance

In the Digital Marketing , you can easily reach to your potential niche audiance and avoid unnecessary budget spending on who are not your audiance . If you market your product or services through digital marketing then you can easily target your potential customer according to their age , gender, geographical region, their intrest and behaviour . But in Traditional marketing like Billboards , Print Media and Television ads , its very difficult to reachout your target audiance.

3. Tracking And Measuring

In the traditional marketing like Print media , Television ads and placing billboads the rate of success is not able to track easily.But in the digital marketing you can easily track your reach , response , engagement of your customer . Along with you canm easily get to know about your customer behaviour. Also you can easily measure the conversion.And in the digital marketing you will get the report about your campaign instantly. You will get a insightful data about your customer and business from the digital marketing.

4. Full Control

In the traditional mrketing you don’t have contol to stop your campaign immediately , even if you are suffering with High OPEX ( Operating Expenditure ) and Low Conversion. But Digital Marketing solve this problem , If your see your campaign is not going well as per insight then you can immediately stop campaign with your fingure tip. And modify your campaign as per the insight . Which makes you achieve your campaign goal.

5. Better Engagement

Accroding to a stastical data 61 % of Indian household are using Internet and after lockdown it rises exponentially . Pleople are switching from watching tv to watching youtube videos , they are reading Blogs and online news rather than reading newspaper. So , We are getting more engagement in social medias and other digital platforms. if you started your campaign in these digital platforms you will get better engagement of your potential customer then traditional platforms.



6. Know Your Competitor

In the Digital Marketing you can easiy know about your competitor strategy by using many basic digital marketing tool , It will give you a poweful insight about what you should do to improve your marketing campaign for bettr conversion. Also it will work as a case study to know your competitor its good and bad practises. Which saves a lot more time and effort.

7. Life Time Value Addition

Content you put in a traditional marketing format like print media , television ads or bilboards stay for a very short span of time , but If you upload a video about your product or service , or if you post in any social media platform the content of your business last for life time . It will give you compounded return as its stays for life time . So, this will work like a magic wand .

8. Higher ROI ( Retun On Investment )

Traditional marketing is High investment but low return on investment ( ROI) , but Digital Marketing is Low investment but higher return. As Digital marketing is very Engaging , It will help you to reach right set of your audiance and insightful . So your will get more leads and more conversions form the digital marketing.

9. Retarget Your Existing Customer

Do you know the magic of Digital marketing is ” Retargeting” , When your audiance visited your website but not purchase your product or services , then you can start your campaign with retargeting those group of people , there a higher chance of conversion. Also it will help small and medium businesses to grow exponentially with the help of this special feature of digital marketing.

10. Build Brand Image

In traditional marketing it takes years of hardwork and a lot of money for branding yourself . But with the help of digital marketing its more easier and less expensive to build a brand . Rightnow digital brands are growing like a sky rocket and they are able to make better positioning with the help of clear customer identification with the help of Digital marketing. Becomming a Global , National or Local brand will be more easier when you choose to do digital marketing.

If you don’t know how to build brand , how to advertise about your product or service in the Online market . Then contact our super specialised SELLOPEDIA TEAM .


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