Dunzo Best Marketing Strategies of Internet Companies or Startup

Dunzo Case Study- Best Marketing Strategies of Internet Companies or Startup

The food supply chain was taken over by apps such as Swiggy and Zomato and the transport chain by Ola, Uber and Rapido took over the rides. But Dunzo combined both the possible resources that can be offered online. In the current pandemic situation, Dunzo provides many helpful and interesting sources of services. Dunzo is simply an app that offers several services to deliver and transport. It provides food…


Testimonial Marketing- Gain Trust ,Multiply Your Sale and Grow Business

Testimonial is a trust gaining tool for your brand. Testimonial is the feedback of your customer that how their problem get solved using your product or services or what changes you bring to their life. From a study we know that 92% changes of conversion is there from your friend or known person’s referrence and 70% changes of conversion is there where unknown persons referrence . Its helps your new customer for making the buying decision easily.

So , testimonial works as a magic wond to convert your leads to client . So every small and medium business or startups should do testimonial marketing . Which gave them immence amount of result.

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How To Make A Viral Social Media Brand , If You Are A Small Or Medium Business?

India out of the total internet users 71% of them are using actively social media. Daily using time aslo increased in after lock down happened in India. So , social media are now a important place for brands to do their marketing , branding and positioning.

Many Small and Medium business are also growing with the help of social media , by making viral content in the platforms like Youtube , Facebook and Instagram mostly . Apart from that other platforms like linkedin, Quora , Pinterest are also best for your business promotion .

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10 Reasons Choose Digital Marketing If You Have Small Or Medium Business ??

Recently I met my friend Ritesh ( Name chaged Due to Privacy ) , He is onwer of Group Institutes , he is providing Medical and paramedical courses . We do some chatting about the his business , then he explained me his problem. His problem is before admission season. he had to start advertise about his business in Local Print media and also to newschannels to Promote . Not only that he is circulating reflects and putting billboards in high traffic areas . He spend lakhs of rupees during the admission and hardly get queries about admission. He is so disappointed about this marketing method but still he is doing the same due to he didn’t know any other way to market his institute.

As he knows I am consulting many small and medium business in their marketing and sales , so he asked me ” How can I make better markerting with low budget and grow my business ?”

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Social Media Marketing – Transform Your Local Business Into Global

Today Social media is a another virtual social community we build in the world after the internet come in to being . In this blog we will get to know how social media help you to grow your local business exponentially and you can make a national or Global brand with the help of social media.

Before We will discuss about how social media will transform your business , to go ahead read more.

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How Free Digital Marketing Techinique help you to generate sales for Small business ?

Google My Business Its just like other Yellow page websites , where you have to list your business and maintain the relevancy . Due to this one is owned By Google You will Get high traffic from your local servicable area . Your Potential Customer will reach you easily. Facebook & Other Social Media Like we all know Facebook , Instagram and other social media like twitter , linkedin…