Testimonial is a trust gaining tool for your brand. Testimonial is the feedback of your customer that how their problem get solved using your product or services or what changes you bring to their life. From a study we know that 92% changes of conversion is there from your friend or known person’s referrence and 70% changes of conversion is there where unknown persons referrence . Its helps your new customer for making the buying decision easily.

So , testimonial works as a magic wond to convert your leads to client . So every small and medium business or startups should do testimonial marketing . Which gave them immence amount of result.

How To Do Testimonial Marketing ??

1. Add Testimonial in Website , E-mail and Landing Page

As Testimonial or your client feedback works as a magic sales converter . So, you should feature your happiest client’s testimonial quote or message about your products or services.

Feature your satisfied client’s testimonial in your website or you can make a client testimonial page . Also you can add the testimonial in a E-mail templets sending your new customers or new visitors as a newsletter.

Also in the landing page of your advertisiment you don’t forget to add the client testimonial.

2. Request Testimonials to Clients

Also if you are a E-commerce Website then you can contact your client to put reviews about your product or service they bought from you. This product reviews increase the conversation ratio up to 58% approximately.

Also you can request your client to put reviews in your Google my business page , Facebook page and also they can give review in a text , picture or video format and post in their social media and tag your brand . This will go viral and it will increase the trustworthyness of the brand.

3. Make A Video Testimonial

Video contect are most engaging content rightnow . Most people are engaged in a video content mostly rather than a pictorial post. So , if you make a story based video testimonial of your client then you can easily grab the attantion of the audiance . They story should be formatted as emotional kick or how your product or service helped the client a particular problem.

You can put video testimonial in your website and social media handles.

Also you can create Ad campaign with this testimonial . Which give you best response.


4. Trun Feedback to Feed forward

Feedback to feed forward means , your clien’t feedback is the valueable input for your business .

You will get to know about what could be needed improvisation , whether in your product or service. If you do the upgradation as per your client requirement then you will see the boost of conversation in your buiness .

A good product , create a good market

But a Bad product , kills a good marketing


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