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Social Media Marketing – Transform Your Local Business Into Global

Today Social media is a another virtual social community we build in the world after the internet come in to being . In this blog we will get to know how social media help you to grow your local business exponentially and you can make a national or Global brand with the help of social media.

Before We will discuss about how social media will transform your business , you need to know ….

Why Social Media ??

  • Out of 7.9 Billion Population in the world 4.48 Billion Population use social media . So its 56.8% of population is using social media and being active on it . It will make you really easier reach out your potential audiance choosing the right kind of platform with right targeted audiance .
  • In India out of 44.8 Crore population is actively on social medias . and Its still growing annually 7.8 crore. So you can easily target your audiance in India with social media millennials uses the social media mostly. So if your product or services have the potential customer is young people then social media is best for you .
  • Also there is a huge role of Corona Pendamic for the growth of social media . After corona pendamic Work from home cultute , onine class cultute , online food ordering started with the help of these social media platfroms.
  • You can Target your potential customer easily with starting with a very low cost advertising cost .Where Small and Medium business can easily promote their business and services.

How You Can Transform Your Local Business to Global ?


Youtube one of the best social media you can use , In world it ranked second with 2.29 bn user base . In India 22.5 crore population actively uses youtube.

Also Youtube has lunched 14 Sep 2020 the beta version , Its just like tiktok and other short video platform . In a servey we know that 25.6 % of shorts video came from india only.

So if you wanted to promote your local business make 2 types of video content for making a great engagement with your potential customer . One is make longer video content like product demonstration , documentry , ad flims in youtube and add short version of it in shorts .

You will see organically you will get more potential customer engagement .Also you can run ads , which will ultimately come with a great response. Now a days all Small and medium business houses can easily run ads in Youtube with very low budget.


Facebook have approximately 2.89bn active users around the globe its ranking #1 . In India Facebook have 34 crore polulation actively use Facebook. Now its become META from Oct 28 2021.

As facebook have larger audience and its helps you connecting your brand to your customer , by creating your business page in Facebook , also you can create a FB group where you can target your niche audiance easily.

If your are dealing with niche based product or services or catering a broad market then facebook is the key to success.

If you are a freelancer need customer for the service you offer , then facebook is the best tool for you .

If you are Small and medium business or startup then facebook can make you live with your customer.

Running FB ads is really easy where you can target you potential customer with demography , gender , intrest and behaviour . Also you can retarget your customer with the help of Facebook.


Instagram Is also a popular and more trending social media platform among the , It have 1 bn estimatedly users worldwide. In india 14 crore population uses Instagram. Maximum users of Instagram is age between 18-24 .

If you wanted to promote your business on instagram then make sure the product or services you are rendering to the market must be for the young people .

You can create your own business page and follow potential niche account which gives you a organic growth in the market and also you can create reels on instagram . Reels are very trending now a days .

Also you can run Ads in to Instagram audiance from FB ads manager . Here you can target your niche audiance from . Also these ads are very low cost comparing to the other traditional method.


Twitter is place where you will get to know about ” Whats happening ? or What going on ” . You will get to know what trending on a particual region .

Twitter trends are a batter of words. Its between celebrity to celebrity and common man . You can Get find your potential customer and let them know about your product or services using twitter as a tool .

Where you need to follow your simillar customer niche account and you can easily run ads with low cost here in twitter .


LinkedIn is best for generating B2B leads for your business . Because in linkedIn many business houses , company pages , CXOs , founder and Specialised professionals are listed themselves.

LinkedIn help you to hire best professional to your business . And you can generate leads and connect for your product or services to your potential customer . It helps you to build network of professionals , Investos etc. and grow your B2B sales.



Quora is a great platform for your business , As this platform is formatted as Question answer pattern . Where Everyone can share their opinion and view on a particual question or topic.

Here You can ask and answer , And build your business page and space.

The trick to get success is answering the relevant question which asked related to the product or service you are offering. The more you help answering questions , the more you get better result for your brand .


Pinterest is one of the most essential social media , which help you to grow your website . You can create pins about the product or services you are offering to your potentials customer.

The backlinks given by Pinterest are very prowerful and drive organic traffic to your website . It helps you generate more leads and better conversion.

If you wanted to promote your brand in INDIA or Worlwide then these social media platforms are key to your success. If you wanted to know more about how you can build your own brand and how you can run ads in social media , then we are TEAM SELLOPDIA help you in this .

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