Unacademy case study

Unacademy Case Study – Business, Marketing Strategy Tips

The Indian online learning apps and websites have seen a rapid growth in the post-COVID times. Such an increasing growth in the number of users though would be hard to imagine, that has brought the entire world on its knees.

Unacademy, an online education platform which is known for its wide variety of courses for competitive exam preparation, has gained immensely from the situation, so much that the platform now has more than 30 million registered users and 350,000+ paying subscribers. In this blog, we will take a look at the marketing strategies of unacademy.


Unacademy firstly started out as a YouTube channel in the year 2010. But after five years, it was developed into an online platform for educators and new-age learners. This was achieved with the combined effort of 4 co-founders and they are Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, Roman Saini and Sachin Gupta.

Social Media Strategy

Leveraging the diverse range of creative capabilities that platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer, Unacademy’s communication strategy is witnessed towards visual appeal in the form of fun creatives, riddles, relatable posts, and video content for learners as well as educators. On Twitter, the platform keeps itself minimal with one-liners, sarcastic jokes and campaign announcements while it follows different marketing strategies on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Unacademy not only provides online classes on its app but on YouTube too. And by doing that it attracts more and more users and audiences. Uploading videos on YouTube is like a sample service provided by unacademy. As people first see their video on YouTube and if they like the lectures, then they install the app on their respective smart phones.

Digital marketing

In this generation, where almost all the people are engaged in their phones, digital marketing and OTT platforms are considered the top revenue generators in tier-1 cities, TV and OOH methods of promotion bring in more leads in smaller towns and villages. The company doesn’t like to spend much on newspaper ads and pamphlets.

  • The company also campaigned with the cricket team of India to increase its sales and audience. And in the previous ad, unacademy made a fun short film using some cool and fun clips of ipl matches.
  • It mainly focuses on the short films which provides the sufficient information and also adds a fun element.

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