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Rapido Case Study – Marketing Strategies | Delivery Startup

You all must have heard about Rapido. Just like ola and uber, it is also a ‘smart commute’ app. But what makes it different from others? What is the reason that we should go for this? Well, we are here to discuss the same! From its low cost to the safety measures, it convinces us, as the users, to go for an economical conveyance. Even as a taxi, not everyone can afford cars, thus for the rescue, Rapido is here with its two-wheeler service. It is growing rapidly as its user base is increasing day by day. We will move on to the marketing strategy of Rapido later. But now, the focus is on who understood the concept of a two-wheeler so well? Who got the nerves of the traffic-sick public? Let’s answer this intriguing question.

Marketing strategy of Rapido

Less money, more safety

Have you ever taken a Rapido taxi ride in your life? What were the first two things that came to mind that you observed as a rider? Let me tell you, the very first thing that will come to mind is its low cost which is very economical and affordable for a middle-class rider to afford. And another thing is the safety measures that they follow. They also give complimentary helmets to the rider when they opt for moto which is not available in other commute apps.

Fast and hustle-free ride:

Let me raise a genuine question to you, if you are stuck in traffic and you have to reach very early, what would be the best option? A bus, a car, or a bike? I hope you got your answer easily. Bike taxis can easily beat cars and traffic as they have more speed and are convenient in traffic areas in terms of traffic and hustle-free rides. Trust me, only a bike can leave the heavy traffic behind.

Celebrity endorsement:

What makes a brand reliable and trustworthy? The audience easily believes in their celebrity crush blindfolded. They do get influenced by them easily and that’s the reason that brands hire big celebrities for their promotion. That’s the reason, Ranveer Singh and Allu Arjun were advertising the popular taxi brand Rapido. The advertisement very strictly emphasizes the benefit of booking a Rapido bike through these celebrities. Comparing the rapido bike taxi with other public transport clearly Rapido’s ability to beat the traffic, affordability and ride safely are on top.


Here comes the most liked feature of all our India i.e discounts or coupons. Well, Rapido is no less in terms of rewarding its users with different kinds of ‘coupons’ on several rides. The very first coupon a user gets is on its ‘first ride’ as a 50% discount. Then, the chain goes on and on and provides riders with a strong reason to stick to the brand.

Hashtag Marketing:

Then comes the Hashtag marketing on social media platforms which is usually used by Rapido to improve its reach. Connecting the rhyming words with a hashtag, Rapido can easily increase its readability on social networking sites, hence increasing its base.

One of their most famous hashtag is #ekdumaaramse

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