Colgate case study

Colgate Case Study: Business, Marketing Strategy Tips

When it comes to oral care or toothpaste, there is one brand that immediately pops up in every Indian’s mind and that is Colgate. For over 200 years, Colgate has been carrying out its business internationally. Even today in India, Colgate is a brand that is known for its quality, its affordability, its product range, and most importantly its goodwill. It has been a trusted brand for oral care products and has satisfied the needs of millions of customers. 


William Colgate founded the company Colgate for making soap in New York. After he passed away Samuel Colgate ran his business and in the year 1873, a new product was launched – toothpaste that was then sold in jars. In the 1920s the company started operating its business in other countries as well. By the end of the 1980s, the company was popular and successful in selling toothpaste that was to prevent cavities, bad breath, whither teeth etc.

Top 5 marketing strategies for Colgate

Collaboration with Influencers

For advertisement, the company always collaborated with prominent celebrities.  For example- Colgate Max fresh has always been promoted by Ranveer Singh which shows that the toothpaste is equally fresh and energetic as Ranveer is.

Not only Ranveer Singh, but Colgate has collaborated with several other celebrities like Sara Ali Khan,  Ayushman Khurrana and many others. Colgate has been collaborating with YouTubers as well which has targeted and reached millions of customers.

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Location-Based Targeting

Colgate has always been a master when it comes to ad campaigns and marketing strategies. One such example of Colgate’s marketing strategy based on location was the Kumbh Mela, the largest spiritual gathering of Hindu devotees.

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Colgate very well understood that most people who were present in this area had low levels of literacy rates. To make them aware of the brand and the product, Colgate had sent voice messages via radio and mobile phones. And this strategy helped the company to sell its products to rural areas.

Creative Packaging with a Strong Message

Colgate is very witty when it comes to the packaging of its products. The packaging is very youthful, bright and well decorated which appeals to all kinds of masses as well as spreads the right message across.

‘Smile karo aur shuru ho jao’

Build Trust

The company has built trust in the market by providing quality and affordable products but also has participated in numerous social causes, which has increased the trust of Indians. It has participated and partnered in various NGOs and other social activities which have indirectly always been a part of one of the most effective branding and marketing strategies.

Running free campaign

Around 2004, Colgate knew that one of their biggest advantages was their taste and that’s why Colgate wanted more people to try their taste once. That’s why they partnered with 1000’s of Indian schools for an awareness campaign. Colgate gave free toothpaste and brush to every student which these kids took home with them. Even though it was an awareness campaign it helped the company to reach millions of households. India loves free products. Thus, when they got free toothpaste. They usually tried it, which ultimately led to a lot of them becoming regular customers.

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