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ShareChat – Strategies of a Internet Company

ShareChat, India’s own social media platform, and especially moms favourite, seems to have succeeded in the market. It is one of a kind platform that supports 15 Indian languages but not English. It provides a place on the internet for all individuals to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and emotions without any language barrier, not just for those who want to use this space in their mother tongue but also for those who are new to the internet.

ShareChat engages with local brands and with local languages to reach a wider audience. At such times, when most of the brands are trying their best to keep customers busy in meaningful ways, sharing chat helped them discover that paying attention to local issues is a big help in fixing the gap.

ShareChat does not ask its users to pay any kind of money to use the platform. It earns revenue from Advertisements, financial transactions, and sponsored campaigns.

Targeting the Language-based Audience

ShareChat approximately has 60 million users per month and supports around 15 Indian languages. Brands are interested in collaborating with ShareChat not only because it offers advertising solutions, but also has unique capabilities to help them achieve optimal reach.

ShareChat usually assists local businesses to reach out to a much more language-specific audience and also addresses a wider issue that global businesses face.

  • ShareChat is attracting the market and audience in small cities, similar to what Tiktok once did in India when it wasn’t banned.

Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

According to a survey by BARC India and Nielsen on digital consumption, India’s average mobile phone usage is approximately 4 hours per day which has 12.5% increased from the pre-COVID period.

This was brilliant opportunity for ShareChat, which moved to make sure that verified information is visible at the head of its feed, prioritising COVID fact check related content in more than 13 local languages and also increasing the promoting of law and government accounts over its platform. ShareChat also aims to build partnerships with various organizations.

Unique Features

  • ShareChat is introducing ShareChat TV, which will be the perfect space for long-term content and commercials, giving advertisers new ways to reach their desired audiences.
  • It is also planning to launch the ADs platform, which will allow brands and advertising agencies to set up, monitor, and target the campaigns on their own.

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