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TATA Group Marketing Strategy | Ratan Tata’s Secret Strategies

Ever wondered how the Tata Group managed to build such great  brand value for itself? The Tata Group is one of the oldest and largest industrial groups in India. It is known for its long-standing brand image and consumer trust. Let’s get started by getting to know the company better.

The Tata group believes in the Parsi legend ‘humata hukhta hvarshta’ which means good thoughts, good words and good deeds. It adds value to society through the establishment of various trusts and institutes over the years. 

Marketing Strategy of  Tata Group   

Influencer Marketing

Under influencer marketing, a company collaborates with content creators who already have a large fan base and utilise their creativity to reach a new audience for themselves. Tata Capital, for example, hired a stand-up comedian, an online fitness coach and a tech teacher as a part of the #WeCountOnYou social media campaign. It encouraged people to share their positive lockdown stories to raise the morale of people among the society. Another campaign was the #GetSetBolt campaign which made use of influencers which proved to be successful.

Digital Marketing

The Tata Group makes use of Google as well as Youtube advertisements to encourage customers to go to their website. Through Google Ads, they use a set of keywords to target that the customer is most likely to enter while using the search engine. This process aids them in increasing product awareness and attracting an interested audience. The use of Facebook advertisements including lead generation ads is also indicated by the Tata Group.

Website Design

The Tata Group creates a user-friendly website with interesting content which regularly attracts a wide audience for the company. Their website acts as a one-stop destination, as it provides all the information to the user ranging from the history of the group, segment-wise functioning, new product launches, important business news as well as the job vacancies available. The increased responses of the website helps them to stay on top of the search results implying efficient Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). 

Tata Social Media Presence

The Tata Group maintains social media accounts on all of the major social media platforms. Through their accounts, they focus on their rich history and reveal their developments as well as their plans for the future. Apart from focusing on their products, they portray their contribution to society through spreading awareness on topics like gender equality, malnutrition, clean water and sanitation, etc. and how the Tata Trusts work on solving these issues. 

  • Instagram: The Tata Group piled up an army of 284,000 followers on Instagram. They make use of Instagram stories and posts to reveal new initiatives and innovative products to be launched.
  • Twitter: The Tata Group has a total of 818,000 followers on Twitter. The reason for such a reach on Twitter is the innovative use of hashtags and organising of rewarding competitions.
  • LinkedIn: The Tata Group has over 835,000 followers on LinkedIn. The content uploaded on LinkedIn is mostly inspired by the content on the other social media platforms of Tata group. The reason for an increased reach is the brand value and recognition of the Tata Group which drives the youth to seek opportunities here.
  • Facebook: On Facebook, the Tata Group’s page is liked by around 220,000 people. The content is largely similar to their Instagram.

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