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Founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975, ZARA is the lead ship chain of the Inditex group, the world’s largest garments retailer. Zara uses a mix of unique marketing strategies and serves the growing needs of the customers. Unlike most of its competitors, ZARA doesn’t really rely on promotional marketing or advertising.

5 Marketing Strategies of Zara

Creating Exclusivity & Rareness

One of the major reasons for Zara being successful is that the company never produces too many products of a single design. This creates scarcity in the mind of customers which makes them take quick decisions to buy their fav designs as they know it will go out of the stock soon.

New range of products throughout the year

While most fashion brands come up with new designs seasonally, ZARA brings new patterns constantly throughout the year. This makes customers visit their stores more frequently than others. As this is the thing the customer wants: Change

Making customer feedback as a part of Creative Process

ZARA takes customer feedback very seriously. Employees at their stores have been told to note down what customers want and these feedbacks are very quickly sent to the design and production team to make new designs according to the requirements of the customers. On online platforms, it regularly analyses what customers are searching for. This involvement of customers also helps in building brand loyalty.

Location of stores

Most luxury stores tend to locate their stores away from normal audience reach but Zara stores are usually situated in city centres where footfall is consistently high. Usually a place where there is more traffic so that Zara gets to attract the audience most.

Social media marketing

As for talking about social media, due to their massive brand loyalty and faith ZARA believes in making fans rather than just followers. For this ZARA never invests high on billboards and collaborates with Digital influencers. As it only creates an effect on the following and popularity but is not something Zara wants. They want to create a place in people’s hearts and minds about the product quality and varieties to create loyalty.

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