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When we talk about top-branded fashion stores, the very first thing that strikes our mind is either H&M or Zara. Being the fast-fashion clothing & accessories for men, children, women and teenagers, H&M became the second-largest global clothing retailer after Zara. The company manages its operation both offline and online.

Erling Persson established H&M exclusively for women’s clothing in 1947 in Vasteras, Sweden. You may be wondering how a small clothing store located in Sweden became the second largest clothing retailer brand in the world. Hereby, H&M followed many marketing strategies that helped the brand to reach heights in the clothing retailer business. 

Product Strategy:

The company is known for “Fast-fashion clothing stores” which means they never fail us in presenting high-quality clothes & winning accessories that are admired according to the fashion trends. Besides, they are always prepared to release new product lines on time and sell European influenced fashion in the American market as it brings inter-cultural fashions.

Price Strategy:

According to the buyers, some clothes by H&M cost an arm and a leg to acquire as they provide high quality fashion. While H&M focuses on satisfying customer’s needs with high quality fashion at a low price that can be affordable to everyone by controlling transport and labor costs. H&M clothes are priced as low as Rs 399 to as high as Rs 7999.

Promotion Strategy:

H&M developed a multi-channel promotion strategy that contains no- advertising, sales promotion and internet promotion that helped the brand to be exposed worldwide. Moreover, the company attracts customers by building brand awareness with the help of showing low prices on the products while marketing them. 

Place Strategy:

H&M established an honest bond between customers and the company, by owning outlets or stores in different geographical places all over the world. H&M make their basic goods in Asia, whereas high branded goods in Turkey and sell them in their owned 5000 plus stores in 73 countries.

Unique Collaborations

They have everything that a person may look for, from normal wear to business suits, sports wear to lingerie sets all at a reasonable price. They collaborate with other top brands to establish a fresh style.

  • H&M collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, Versace in 2011, Alexander Wang in 2014 and the collaboration with Balmain is on top up to date.

Reference link- https://youtu.be/L9o96N0AowM

  • They also collaborated with the celebrated Indian designer Sabyasachi in 2021. The collection was named Sabyasachi x H&M.

Reference link- https://youtu.be/Jm1pi1KNz0c

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